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Kalaveshi Arts Studio/Gallery is located in Avon, CT, and is owned by a family of artists, Drita Choy and her daughters, Njomza and Saranda Kalaveshi, originally from Kosovo, who recently moved to Connecticut from New Mexico. They were brought back together during the COVID-19 pandemic after having lived apart for a decade, and within a few months of living and creating art together during the difficult days of quarantine, Kalaveshi Arts was born. First came art festivals and exhibitions in New Mexico, then the website, and finally, after relocating to Connecticut, the physical location. 

Our Mission

At Kalaveshi Arts, we aim to celebrate and nurture the artistic spirit within our community. As a family-owned gallery, we are dedicated to providing a welcoming and inspiring space where local artists can showcase their talents. In June 2024, we're beginning by hosting our first juried exhibition, offering local artists a diverse and dynamic platform to connect with audiences and share their unique visions.

Kalaveshi Arts

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